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Get Involved

GeoPlatform.gov offers a unique, geospatial-oriented social experience, with shared resources at it’s core. Use these resources to collaborate with other users, solve critical problems, and contribute to the overall GeoPlatform experience.

Explore GeoPlatform communities and join the conversation! Communities act as a shared workspace dedicated to the work of individual agencies, OMB Circular A-16 themes, and cross-cutting program areas.

Geospatial Data Resources

GeoPlatform.gov acts a one-stop shop for data that is also leveragable with our web services and applications. With over 160,000 datasets already registered in the Data Catalog – and planned data acquisitions in the Marketplace – GeoPlatform provides access to all your geospatial data needs.

Want to learn more about GeoPlatform.gov? Our resources page has information on the GeoPlatform mission, as well as tutorials and training material for producing compliant metadata, registering data, and Community administration.


Access any of the GeoPlatform’s areas using the menu () at the top of the page.

Join the Social Experience

Join the Social Experience

A key goal of the Geospatial Platform is to expand the use and understanding of National geospatial resources. Active social interaction plays an important role in sharing vital, timely knowledge to keep our collective data, content and services fresh and engaging. The more you participate and contribute, the better the GeoPlatform.gov experience becomes for everyone.

One of our key tenets is to be as open to the world as we possibly can be. We follow standards throughout. Have we met your needs for accessibility? Please let us know what we can do to improve your experience!

Share Geospatial Resources

Share Geospatial Resources

The days of sharing files and databases are indeed limited; these practices cause duplication, currency, and control issues. A central goal of GeoPlatform is to encourage dynamic geospatial data sharing online through web services. This way, data stewards can provide an authentic, up-to-date source, and users can tap into this source on-demand, as needed. Our primary focus at this time is to ensure that the core NGDAs are online and continually accessible. Our next goal is to assemble other key data needed for federal missions. Finally, we will ensure that anyone who wants to share their geospatial data online can load it to the GeoPlatform Cloud, using our provisioned services.

Search Datasets

Search our massive catalog of geospatial data and tools provided by a multitude of federal agencies. Whether you are a Geographic Professional, Student, Teacher or Citizen, you can find data that will help you with your project, assignment, presentation or concern.


Can’t find the data you are looking for? Planning to develop a new dataset or update an existing one? Search the Marketplace to see if any planned acquistions or updates might meet your needs.

In the Marketplace you will find a listing of datasets that are planned for acquisition by one or more of the FGDC member agencies. You can use this listing to determine whether a potential partner is already trying to acquire data that you have an interest in. As time goes on, we will be expanding the functionality of the Marketplace to help federal agencies and their partners get their geospatial data needs met in the most time and cost effective manner possible — so stay tuned for enhancements to this part of Geoplatform.gov!

Currently available services:
  • Basic tool listing planned acquisitions
Planned services:
  • Enhanced search, including which agencies are coordinating projects
  • Metrics on acquisitions through Marketplace, including number of agencies collaborating, number of records published, dollars saved

Exploit Data with Open Application Services

Open Application Services

Web services play a key role in any open platform experience. GeoPlatform.gov provides this experience in two ways:

  1. Application services (tools) that run in your browser, which you can use to perform useful tasks; and
  2. Web services that a developer integrates into their own application, through standards-based application program interfaces (APIs).

We have several application services in this new version GeoPlatform.gov. In the near future, we will be launching a new Developer’s Portal so that national geospatial resources are available to any application.

Updated on March 6, 2017