The Tribal Nations Map Gallery includes printable PDF wall-map versions (24×36) of the Indian and Ceded Lands Web Services found in the data tab.
The Map Gallery also includes interactive maps from federal partners, intertribal groups, and a tribal climate map showcase of example work products to inform climate resilience efforts of tribes, Alaska Natives, and other diverse communities nationwide.  For more examples of maps related to climate resilience and change, check out the Resilience Community Map Gallery.


Tribal Energy Atlas

Web application for viewing renewable energy capacity and potential in tribal lands.

Contributors: Office of Indian Energy, Dept. of Energy,  National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Map portal allows users to find news, projects, and other related native initiatives per Cooperative.

Contributors: Dept. of Interior, Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network

Tribal Connections Indian Lands Map Viewer

Service designed to illustrate the relationship between lands administered by the Forest Service and Indian Lands.

Contributors: USFS, USDA


Web portal that provides users with environmental data and information about air and water quality, land use, and other activities. Can be used for both indigenous and general land purposes.

Contributors: EPA

Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Maps

Maps of indigenous environmental, meteorological, ecological, urban enhancements, and more in and around the Great Lakes Region of the United States.

Contributors: Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool (CREAT)

Web map portal for viewing scenario-based climate change projections drawn from CREAT, such as extreme heat, water challenges, and storm intensity.

Contributors: EPA

Climate Explorer

Application that offers graphs, maps, and data of observed and projected climate variables in the United States, including Tribal Lands.

Contributors: U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

Tribal Climate Resilience Program

Web-based interactive mapping platform for viewing Tribal resilience efforts, awards, initiatives, and more.

Contributors: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept. of the Interior

USDA Climate Hubs

Interactive map portal for viewing and discovering climate resilience and climate change trends and topics by USDA’s “Climate Hubs”.

Contributors: USDA

Indian Lands in the United States

Static map of federally recognized Tribes and Indian Lands of the United States.

Contributors: Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indian Land Areas Judicially Established 1978 and American Indian Reservations

Static map of Indian Lands that were judicially established in 1978 and the American Indian Reservations.

Contributors: Bureau of Indian Affairs

Updated on May 11, 2021