Below are several examples of available map resources that illustrate biophysical and socioeconomic aspects of the Arctic region. For more maps related to environmental change in the Arctic, check out the Resilience Community’s GeoPlatform Map Gallery.


Satellite Observations of Arctic Change

Visualization of NASA satellite data and research on Arctic exchange properties, such as sea ice, snow cover, vegetation, and temperature.

Contributors: NASA NSIDC

U.S. International Buoy Program

This network of drifting buoys in the Arctic Ocean record and provide various meteorological and oceanographic data for real-time operations.

Contributors: Polar Ice Center University of Washington

Chukchi Sea Moorings

This BOEM sponsored project studies physical oceanography of the NE Chukchi Shelf and can guide oil spill trajectory models.

Contributors: BOEM, UAF

Sea Ice Atlas

The Sea Ice Atlas contains a compilation of resources, data, and maps from various sources pertaining to sea ice extent, loss, and imagery.

Contributors: AOOS, SNAP, ACCAP, UAF, IARC

Interactive Multi-Sensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS)

IMS provides global scale ice and snow products- from forecasting, daily ice analysis, and environmental services for the U.S. Government.

Contributors: U.S. National Ice Center, Naval Ice Center, NOAA

Arctic Data Integration Portal

Catalog of Arctic datasets and services that can be integrated into an online web map service platform for visualization.

Contributors: AOOS


Updated on May 17, 2021