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2. Connecting

Webinar Information

Join us by webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc

There is no webinar today.  There was a mixup in the software licensing so we’ll just do a phone call today.

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


3. Attendance

ID*** Name******************* Organization*********** Email
1 Derald Dudley USDOT/BTS Derald.Dudley@dot.gov
2 Valerie Beaudin Census Valerie.L.Beaudin@census.gov
3 Ronald Vaughn DOT/FHWA ronald.vaughn@dot.gov
4 Gita Urban-Mathieux USGS/NGP burbanma@usgs.gov
5 David Cackowski Census g.david.cackowski@census.gov
6 Neil Trenk Census neil.trenk@census.gov
7 Amy Nelson US DOT amy.nelson@dot.gov
8 Adam Krom Amtrak adam.krom@amtrak.com
9 Chuck Matthys USGS/NGTOC cpmatthys@usgs.gov
10 Dominic Menegus USDOT/OSTR/BTS dominic.menegus@dot.gov
11 Hussein S Elkhansa WV DOT hussein.s.elkhansa@wv.gov


4. Presentations

4.1  No presentations today.

5. Updates

5.1 Charter Update

From Ken Shafer

With the Geospatial Data Act now in affect, we’ll have to update most of the charters with new wording to align to the new requirements. I suggest we wait until after the GDA Tiger Team performs its analysis of the GDA then update all the required charters at that point. Does that work for you? It should not impact the sub committee’s work in the meantime.

Link to GDA https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/302/text#toc-H5B65F4B94E6C4681A92559A35AECC991

5.2  US Road Network Specification (USRNS) Working Group

The Working Group is reviewing the features and attributes included in ISO 14825:2011

Our next meeting will be a facilitated face to face meeting to select which features and attributes will be used to model road location, road identification, and road classification.

I’m pushing that meeting to mid January to because the FHWA is conducting a series of safety meetings that might impact our work.

I’m working on securing space at the Keck center in DC.





Attribute Definitions:


5.3 GIS-T 2019 Federal Track Update

The idea has been presented to the GIS-T planning committee and was well received.

The planning committee is still considering the schedule so we are on stand-by.

We’re organizing a group of Federal GIS topics for the 2019 GIS-T conference in Kissimee, FL from April 23-26 2019


Email Eric about

    1. Abstract Due Dates (November?)
    2. Is there a way to ID presentation to be included as a specific track?

5.3.1  BTS – An update in the U.S. Road Networks Specification

5.3.2.  BTS – General Transit Feed Specification Efforts at the USDOT

5.3.3. OST – Presentation Steve Lewis

5. 3.4. Fed Highway: Safety Tom Roff

5.3.5.  Fed Highway: TPM By Ronald Vaughn

5.3.6.  Mark Sarmiento/Garry Baker – Volpe

5.3.7.  GIS-USGS

5.3.8.  GIS-FRA

5.3.9. Census – Submit Topics First of September?

5.3.10. FGDC TSC Presentation

What we do

Working groups

GDA (Or separate pres?)

5.3.11. OST – Data integration for roadway safety

OST Policy created an integrated dataset to develop a risk tool, NHTSA is working with FHWA to align FARS to HPMS to perform network risk analysis (via ESRI), and FHWA more generally is encourages Data Driven Safety Analysis through integrated crash, roadway attribute, and traffic volume data.

5.3.12. Maritime Admin?

5.3.13. Fed Motor Carrier?

5.3.14. Fed Transit?

5.3.15. Fed Lands Working Group?

5.4. Federal Land Roads (FLR) Working Group Update – Gita Urban-Mathieux

Oct 3rd Meeting – Tom Roff & Tammy Ratcliff presented on work at FHWA


Next meeting Dec. 5th – Trails to be discussed at the next meetings

Potential meeting Thursday 31st of January for FLRWR after ESRI Fed UC

Action: Derald Chat with Gita about coordinating

5.5. Intercity Busing (ICB) Working Group Update – Derald Dudley

The ICB WG is working to establish a Intercity Busing layer which will be integrated with the Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database and the National Transit Map.

The MOU that creates and agreement between bus provides and the Bureau of transportation statistics has been finalized.

The MOU tells BTS where the data is and grants BTS the authorization to collect, compile, analyze, publish, and archive the data.

The Intercity Bus Atlas website is live and we are collecting intercity bus data from registrants.


Future efforts include providing “near miss” analysis which will identify where the intercity bus routes and transit routes are proximal but not intersecting.  This will be used to identify potential connections.  We are also looking at using GTFS to produce route bulletins.  The bulletins would alert companies to route changes and closures.

5.6. Transit Working Group

I’m considering combining the intercity bus working group and the transit working group into the passenger travel working group.

5.7. The Best Practices Working Group is still on my wish list. Would anyone like to chair it?

I have a use case! A small rural transit agency is being sued because it changed it routes.  The plaintiff claims the new routes are discriminatory.  How can we use the National Transit Map and the Census Demographic data to documents the people served by existing and proposed transit routes?

Is there any interest in a joint BTS and Census study/white paper?

GDA of 2018: (E) as part of administering the National Geospatial Data Asset data theme— …. (vi) identify and publish proven practices for the use and application of geospatial data of the lead covered agency.

    • Best practices in calculating populations with in transportation catchments
    • Population in Catchments around transportation features – (USDOT)
    • Best practices of calculating populations affected by regional phenomena (Census)
    • Any other best practices activities? What other analysis do others perform with transportation data? (eg Transportation and Population, Land Use, Economy?)

5.8. Potential TSC Transportation Talks for future meetings.

5.8.1. Shared Streets Introduction, James Graham – D.C. DOT?

Derald To reach out…

5.8.2. GDA Talk – https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/302/text#toc-H5B65F4B94E6C4681A92559A35AECC991

5.8.3. Intro to USDOT GTFS activities (National Transit Map, Intercity Busing Atlas, Intermodal Passenger Connectivity)

5.8.4. Other Fed agencies

5.8.5. OGC FGDC Disaster Workshop presentation by Brian Solis – Trans and transit planning manager, City of VA Beach – Storm Sense – Mapping real time flooding

5.8.6. Metadata Talk

5.8.7. Geoplatform

5.8.8. Trails?

5.8.9. Agencies that have been under-represented

Talks about more global transportation topics


6. New TSC Business?

The steering committee is forming an interagency team to analyze the Geospatial Data Act and assess the impacts, changes, LOE and path forward for implementation. The FGDC is adding a web page with info and docs on the GDA, to be announced soon.

GDA Link:


7. Upcoming Events, Milestones and Announcements

7.1. January Meeting at the Fed User Conference

Discuss the upcoming year: Topics to pursue, Presentations to see, +/Δ (What works/What to change)

7.2. Intercity Bus Meeting on 2018.11.30

7.3. Dec 5 Fed Land Road WG

7.4. Jan 31 TSC/Fed Lands meeting

TSC Calendar: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15kMwjbUJzoAxdZ_Ha7XmPXYqjLNVwfAAgzbsAcPfU9E/edit?usp=sharing


8. Mission Reminder

8.1. Enhancing the transportation theme of the national spatial data infrastructure

8.2. Facilitate partnerships, coordinate efforts, and heighten awareness among the geospatial transportation community

8.3. Develop data standards

8.4. Ease data access

8.5. Develop better data

8.6. Promote best practices

8.7. Identify, evaluate, and resolve geospatial transportation data problems

8.8. Cultivate a greater understanding of the American transportation system.


9. Thank You! And don’t forget to tip your server.


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