FGDC Transportation Subcommittee Meeting

U.S. DOT Headquarters

March 24, 2017


Federal agencies & partners in attendance:

  • of Commerce (Census Bureau)
  • DOI (USGS, NPS, Fish & Wildlife, BLM, Forest Service)
  • Private Sector (ESRI, AppGeo)
  • State DOTs (Arkansas, North Carolina)



ARNOLD Presentation (T. Roff)

  • FHWA’s mission focuses on safety, mobility, infrastructure condition, program delivery, apportionment, etc.
  • FHWA’s Federal-aid programs are largely gas tax funded
  • MAP-21 now FAST Act legislation includes varies Transportation Performance Management (TPM)-based initiatives that will rely heavily on the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)
  • Federal Lands public mileage / HPMS network data coordination efforts are underway
  • ARNOLD (All Roads Network of Linear-referenced Data) dataset will ultimately support various DOT data programs (e.g., freight, safety, pipeline, bridge, Federal-aid project, etc.)
  • FHWA-NHTSA FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) data integration efforts are forthcoming which will ultimately support various TPM-related efforts
  • ARNOLD accuracy specifications require further discussion; existing ARNOLD structure/schema includes year of record, unique route identifier, State Code, and geometry information
  • ARNOLD, in its current format, does not support autonomous vehicle-related initiatives
  • Topological requirements for ARNOLD need to be discussed/determined
  • Other Federal agencies’ (i.e., non-DOT) needs/requirements of ARNOLD need to be gathered/discussed
  • The feasibility non-LRS-based requirements from other Federal agencies requires discussion


ARNOLD Minimum Content Standard Discussion (D. Dudley / S. Lewis)

  • TSC subgroups need to be established for the purpose of developing minimum content standard
  • Use-cases for minimum content standard need to be assembled per feedback gathered from the TSC’s various partnering entities
  • TSC Subgroup Volunteers:
    • National Park Service (NPS)
    • FHWA HQ & Federal Lands
    • NHTSA
    • USGS
    • Census
    • ARHTD
    • North Carolina DOT
    • AppGeo
  • TSC subgroup meetings to be held monthly beginning in mid-to-late April following the GIS-T Conference
  • Volunteers for future presentations from non-DOT entities desired immediately


TSC Next Steps:

  • Monthly TSC ARNOLD MCS subgroup meetings to be scheduled
  • Additional ARNOLD MCS subgroup participation to be requested via email
  • DOI agency participants to be canvassed for presentations to be delivered during the next TSC meeting
  • TSC site “Calendar of Events” to be developed possibly via the Transportation Community page on the Geospatial Platform site – TBD


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