1. Welcome


2. Connecting

Webinar Information

Join us by webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/itip

Audio: 1.877.336.1839, 5908272


3. Location: GIS-T, Little Rock Arkansas and Web Conference


4. Attendance – Please sign in:

1 Name Email Organization
2 Ronald Vaughn ronald.vaughn@dot.gov USDOT/FHWA
3 Derald Dudley derald.dudley@dot.gov USDOT/BTS
4 Sharon Hawkins Sharon.hawkins@ardot.gov ARDOT
5 Steve Lewis Steve.Lewis@dot.gov USDOT – GIO
6 Sheila Steffeason Sheila.steffeason@1spatial.com 1Spatial
7 Lynda Liptrap Lynda.a.liptrap@census.gov Census
8 Gary Baker gary.baker@dot.gov Volpe
9 Rich Grady rgrady@appgeo.com AppGeo
10 Jenn Sylvester jsylvester@appgeo.com AppGeo
11 Chris Cretini cretinic@usgs.gov USGS
12 Jeremy Rogers Jeremy.rogers@txdot.gov TX DOT
13 David Friedenfeld david.freidenfield@txdot.gov TX DOT
14 Paul Sittig paul.sittig@state.nm.gov NM DOT
15 James Graham james.graham2@dot.gov DDOT
16 Tom Roff Thomas.Roff@dot.gov FHWA
17 Jonathan Duran jonathan.duran@arkansas.gov AR GIS Office
18 Dominic Menegus dominic.menegus@dot.gov BTS
19 Ting Ma ting.ma@dc.gov DDOT
20 Kathleen Salvador ksalvador@alk.com ALK Technologies


5. Charter Update

The updated charter has been cleared by the USDOT Office of General Council.  We will vote to forward it for FGDC review at April 11th meeting.  This is your last chance to provide input.



6. US Road Network Specification – Working Group (WG)

6.1. Latest Meeting Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13vdV4BWZVu36vRd60_fMnfsdBgHDWKt-jyWKZxvM8Xg/edit?usp=sharing

6.2. Please note the name change from US Road Network – Minimum Content Guideline (USRN-MCG) to US Road Network Specification (USRNS).

Why:  The term specification more accurately describes what we building and instills more confidence than the term guideline.

6.3. We propose to adapt the Canadian National Road Network

6.4. Benefits of Adaptation

6.4.1. It meets the requirements defined by this working group.


6.4.2. It quickly advances the efforts of this working group by relying on accepted standards. We are not reinventing the wheel; we’re modifying it to meet our needs.

6.4.3. It initiates an international specification.

Well done and thank you Canada! Let’s talk to Mexico.

6.4.4. It starts the process of establishing a data centric development model and moves us away from an application centric development model

6.5. Our Canadian Colleagues presented the Canadian National Road Network (NRN) for review by the USRNs-WG on 7 February 2018

6.5.1. Canadian NRN Specifications:


6.5.2. Canadian NRN Feature Catalog:


6.5.3. Canadian NRN Conceptual Data Model (Schema)


6.6. The USRNS – Working Group discussed the NRN on 23 February 2018 which resulted in the following actions items.

6.6.1. The WG will vote on April 11th about adopting the conceptual model (schema, relationships, data types etc.), the geometric model, and the position accuracy specification. Conceptual Model

https://drive.google.com/file/d/15TPKaLLieF-OKhnRQ6DeZxV0dMnqCUtS/view?usp=sharing Geometric Model

Section 2.3 –  https://drive.google.com/file/d/15TPKaLLieF-OKhnRQ6DeZxV0dMnqCUtS/view?usp=sharing Positional Accuracy Specification https://drive.google.com/file/d/19b1fe5aWTpIT51dbm2qZZHvd8ut2GJ56/view?usp=sharing

6.6.2. An updated project schedule will be provided at the 4/11 meeting.

6.6.3. The WG will have until November 2018 to review the attributes in the NRN specification.

6.7. The comments on the proposed USRNS attributes have been received (thank you) and reviewed. They will be considered for inclusion of version 1 of the USRNS.


7. Focus and Activities for the coming year.

7.1. Adding three working groups this year.

7.1.1. Federal Lands Roads

7.1.2. National Intercity Bus Atlas: https://prezi.com/view/zvqEgS6Pp94hyh9IbzdZ/

7.1.3. National Transit Map Working Group: https://prezi.com/view/7HQZTbY9mrZzHzcDBQNZ/

7.2. USGS Road Update Presentation (4/18)

7.2.1. How the road network has evolved

7.2.2. How Census and USGS collaborate

7.2.3. Dropping TAZ from NSDI

7.3. Community Survey and Geography (July TSC Meeting)

7.4. Best Practices Discussion

7.4.1. Best practices in calculating populations with in transportation catchments.

7/15 Population in Catchments around transportation features – (USDOT)

7.4.2. Best practices of calculating populations affected by regional phenomena (Census)

7.4.3. Any other best practices activities? What other analysis do others perform with transportation data (eg Trans and Population) Land Use?


8. This Year’s Calendar

Jan Feb March
TSC: 1/31 @ Web USRN: 2/7, 2/23

ICB: 2/2

ICB: 3/13

Discussion of the BTS/Intercity Bus MOU

3/20 TSC SIG Update @ GIS-T

April May June
FLR: 4/4, 1 PM @ Census

USRNS-WG: 4/11

TSC: 4/18 @ Census

USGS/Census Roads

TAZ Discussion

Charter Vote – Date

ICB: 4/27

USRN: 6/6
ICB: 6/29
July August September
FLR: 7/11 @ FHWA

TSC: 7/18 @ DOT

USRN: 8/15

ICB: 8/31

October November December
USRN: 10/3

ICB: 10/5

FLR: 10/10 @ USGS

TSC: 10/17

ICB: 11/30 USRN: 12/5



9. Next meetings

20 March 2018, FGDC TSC SIG Update @ GIS-T

7:30 – 8:30 (Central Time)

Webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


4 April 2018, Federal Land Roads Working Group

1PM – 2PM @ Census


11 April 2018, USRNS Working Group

2PM – 3:30 PM

Voting on Schema, Geometric Model, Positional Specification

Discussing next steps

Webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


18 April 2018 FGDC-Transportation Subcommittee Meeting

2:00 – 3:30 @ Census

Presentation from USGS/Census Roads

Dropping TAZ Discussion
Webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


27 April 2018, 1:30 – 2:30 @ Web

National Intercity Bus Atlas

Update and Implementing the MOU

Webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


10. Ideas to Advance to our Mission

10. 1. Enhancing the Transportation Theme of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure

10. 2. Easy Access, Better Data, Greater Understanding

10. 3. Facilitating Partnerships and Coordinating Efforts

10. 4. Problem Identification, Evaluation, Resolution

10. 5. Data Development

10. 6. Standards Development

10. 7. Identifying and Promoting Best Practices


11. Open Discussion

11.1. We could use help with the web page. Is anyone willing to coordinate efforts with the FGDC web team?


12. Thank You


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