1. Welcome


2. Attendance

1 Name******************** Email Organization*****
2 Derald Dudley derald.dudley@dot.gov USDOT/BTS
3 Gita Urban-Mathieux burbanma@usgs.gov USGS/NGP
4 Samantha Lubkin samantha.lubkin@dot.gov USDOT/FHWA
5 Elizabeth McCartney emccartney@usgs.gov USGS/NGTOC
6 Raquel Wright Raquel.Wright@dot.gov USDOT/FRA
7 Tammy Ratliff Tammy.ratliff@dot.gov USDOT/EFLHD
8 Jon Sperling jon.sperling @hud.gov USHUD/PD&R
9 Neil Trenk neil.trenk@census.gov US Census Bureau
10 Dom Menegus Dominic.Menegus@dot.gov BTS/OSAV
11 Ed Strocko Ed.Strocko@dot.gov BTS/OSAV
12 Bob Pierce rrpierce@usgs.gov USGS
13 Lana Lau Lana.Lau@dot.gov USDOT/FHWA
14 Lucie Vogel Lucie.Vogel@ihs.gov IHS
15 Sharon Hawkins sharon.hawkins@ahtd.ar.gov ARDOT
16 Mark Sarmiento mark.sarmiento@dot.gov USDOT/FHWA
17 Tom Roff tom.roff@dot.gov USDOT/FHWA
18 Justyna Goworowska justyna.goworowska@dot.gov BTS/OSAV
19 Theresa Firestine theresa.firestine@dot.gov BTS
20 Jacob Feit jacob.feit@dot.gov MARAD
21 Anders Longthorne Anders.Longthorne@dot.gov FHWA
22 Michelle Gilmore Michelle.Gilmore.CTR@dot.gov Volpe
23 Gary Baker Gary.Baker@dot.gov Volpe
24 David Cackowski G.David.Cackowski@census.gov Census
25 Dierdre Bevington Attardi Dierdre.Bevington.Attardi@census.gov Census
26 Austin Phung austin.phung.ctr@dot.gov BTS


3. The National Transit Map – Derald Dudley


4. Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database – Theresa Firestine


5. Transportation Deserts – Gary Baker and Michelle Gilmore


6. US Road Network – Minimum Content Guideline (USRN – MCG) Update

6.1. Changed National Road Network to US Road Network based on Tom Roff’s suggestion.

6.2. Identifying attributes that meet the uses cases defined here:


6.3. Current effort is to identify attributes that meet the Inventory use case.

6.3.1. Sources for Inventory use cases: Required Route and Inventroy attributes from the HPMS field guide: (https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policyinformation/hpms/fieldmanual/hpms_field_manual_dec2016.pdf) Compiled Trello Submissions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lDEGQ3Z8tiqUcqppCJGSUAyLy1tLVmEgRUsuR1Qp7gk/edit?usp=sharing

6.4. Gita Urban-Mathieux added the Topographic Mapping use case – a geographic representation at of a road network at 1:24,000-scale or better. There is also a need for small scale (1:1,000,000) roads data.

6.5. US Census added Roads on Federal Lands Usecase

6.6. Schedule next meeting – Mid August?


7. Best Practices Discussion

7.1. Determining populations served by transportation features.

7.1.1. US Census is interested and US Census has asked for a one page abstract from the USDOT

7.1.2. The Abstract is being drafted and will be distributed to the group


8. Charter Update

8.1. Comments have been collected and are being reviewed.


9. Next meeting

9.1. Date – Mid September?

9.2. Host: DOT

9.3. Presentations – Maritime? AIS? MARAD

9.4. November meeting – Intermodal Facilities By Dom M


10. Thank You


Updated on June 26, 2020
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Community Type: NGDA

Sponsor: FGDC

Sponsor Email: NGDATeam@fgdc.gov

Theme Lead Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Theme Lead: Derald Dudley (DOT)