Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
Transportation Subcommittee (TSC) Meeting
Notes ESRI Federal User Conference
(FedUC) Washington, DC 2/24/2016

Agencies in Attendance

  • DOT (multiple modes)
  • FWS
  • Census
  • USGS
  • GSA
  • ORNL
  • NGA

TSC Charter Considerations

  • October 2010 FGDC TSC Charter needs to be revisited/updated to ensure that the objectives contained w/in are consistent w/ the objectives to be established for the individual working groups
  • The term “transportation” is currently defined in the October 2010 FGDC TSC Charter; definition should be revisited to ensure that it is representative of all TSC entities’ interests and consistent with the current TSC’s goals and objectives

TSC Objectives

  • Consider revisiting the 2012 GAO Report to determine whether or not agency-specific recommendations have been addressed; for recommendations that have not been addressed, determine to what extent the TSC’s work can focus on these
  • For the TSC’s consideration, WMATA offered up various transportation data model-oriented concepts a starting point for work plan development purposes
  • The TSC had an extensive discussion on the topic of data standards in terms of “what drives standards” and “what standards currently exist”.

o TSC’s role/responsibilities as it pertains to data standardization/harmonization needs to be clearly defined

o Inventory of existing and desired standards (across agencies) needs to be conducted

o W/ regards to Federal government-State DOT coordination, an investigation of how standards ultimately get adopted is needed

  • The TSC needs to get a handle on Federal stakeholders’ requirements with regards to the following: schedules for data needs/deliverables, standards, workflows, challenges and/or deficiencies, etc.

o Requirements gathering approach similar to the one used for Transportation for the Nation (TFTN) initiative should be given consideration

o Regulatory requirements associated w/ specific data needs/deliverables need to be identified where applicable

o An inventory of current relevant datasets needs to be performed

o Investigation of data sharing/exchange capabilities w/ regards to restrictive info., proprietary data issues, etc. needs to be conducted across Federal agencies

o Analysis of data model elements inherit in existing data standards (e.g., definitions of links, nodes, etc.) needs to be conducted across Federal agencies

  • The TSC should consider gathering info on methodologies for integrating Federal and non-Federal data in order to develop approaches for ensuring the availability of comprehensive data sources
  • Prioritization of TSC objectives needs to be discussed and determined
  • Multi-year Strategic Plan need to be developed

o TSC’s role and key objectives need to defined at the outset

o All stakeholders need to be identified along w/ the supporting coordination workflow and communication channels to ensure appropriate representation

o All Federal agencies who either develop and/or consume transportation data should be canvassed for Strategic Plan development purposes

FGDC Transportation Theme Considerations

  • FHWA provided some background on the ARNOLD (All Roads Network of Linear Referenced Data) initiative as it relates to TSC’s objectives

o Federal Lands inquired about the current State DOT-FHWA workflow/coordination process in terms of the provision/exchange of roadway data

o USGS is currently unable to use ARNOLD due to specific attribute needs, which have yet to be accommodated

o NSGIC is heavily focused on roadway data for e-911/emergency management purposes, which is contrary to the way in which FHWA and the State DOTs utilize this data



Updated on June 25, 2020
NGDA Theme Name

Community Type: NGDA

Sponsor: FGDC

Sponsor Email: NGDATeam@fgdc.gov

Theme Lead Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Theme Lead: Derald Dudley (DOT)