1. Welcome


2. Connecting

Webinar Information

Join us by webinar: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fgdc_tsc`

Audio: (515) 739-1285, 286074#


3. Attendance

1* Name******************* Organization******* Email 
2 Derald Dudley USDOT/BTS derald.dudley@dot.gov
3 Charlynn Burd Census charlynn.burd@census.gov
4 Brian McKenzie Census brian.mckenzie@census.gov
5 David Cackowski Census g.david.cackowski@census.gov
6 Steve Lewis USDOT/OST steve.lewis@dot.gov
7 Theresa Firestine USDOT/BTS Theresa.Firestine@dot.gov
8 Dierdre Bevington-Attardi Census dierdre.bevington.attardi@census.gov
9 Neil Trenk Census neil.trenk@census.gov
10 Clara Reschovsky USDOT/BTS Clara.Reschovsky@dot.gov
11 Ron Vaughn USDOT/FHWA Ronald.Vaughn@dot.gov
12 Tom Roff USDOT/FHWA Thomas.Roff@dot.gov
13 Adam Krom Amtrak adam.krom@amtrak.com
14 Samantha Lubkin USDOT/FHWA samantha.lubkin@dot.gov
15 Tammy Ratliff USDOT/EFLHD tammy.ratliff@dot.gov
16 Chuck Matthys USGS cpmatthys@usgs.gov
17 Pierre Bahizi USDA/AMS pierre.bahizi@ams.usda.gov
18 Kanin Reese Census kanin.l.reese@census.gov
19 Gita  Urban-Mathieux USGS/NGP burbanma@usgs.gov
20 Sheila Steffenson 1spatial sheila.steffenson@1spatial.com
21 Chad Baker Caltrans chad.baker@dot.ca.gov


4. Presentations

4.1. Census – American Community Survey (ACS) and Geography

Charlynn Burd and Brian McKenzie

4.2. BTS and the ACS

Clara Reschovsky and Theresa Firestine

4.3. American Fact Finder phasing to cedsci

KaNin Reese

Cedsci Feedback – cedsci.feedback@census.gov

4.4. Power Points are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oYtjTJycqxp0mej_loIKpNNoFTtwwsS-


5. Updates

5.1. Charter

We’ve drafted an update to the the original charter.  We’ve updated the language and clarified leadership roles and their responsibilities.

Here is a link to the proposed Charter update: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DOvV9blcy7b7QPWMVx98JC1mpoIDeRkfob3iHMlYu3o/edit?usp=sharing

Sent draft charter to Lucia Foulkes and Ken Shaffer at FGDC on 6/14.

I asked about its status this morning.

I’ll follow up again when I return from my vacation.

5.2. US Road Network Specification (USRNS) Working Group

USRNS WG is developing a road network specification.

BTS has purchased the Intelligent Transport Systems – Geographic Data Files Standard (ISO 14825:2011, https://www.iso.org/standard/54610.html)

I’m comparing it to the attributes submitted by the USRNS Working Group to identify commonalities. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xw335aPuK8oGs8er7AVs1is4ZmziCa4w1WqKWgUbrGA/edit#gid=0)

Based on the commonalities I’ll recommend attributes for inclusion in the USRN Specification and start a discussion about modeling techniques.

5.3. GIS-T 2019 Federal Track Update

We’re organizing a group of Federal GIS topics for the 2019 GIS-T conference in Kissimee, FL.  We need 9 or 12 Topics to offer the planning committee.  The sooner we submit the better our chances. April 23-26 2019

5.3.1. BTS – An update in the U.S. Road Networks Specification

5.3.2. BTS – General Transit Feed Specification Efforts at the USDOT

5.3.3. OST – Presentation Steve Lewis

5.3.4. Fed Highway: Safety Tom Roff

5.3.5. Fed Highway: TPM By Ronald Vaughn

5.3.6. Mark Sarmiento has been Voluntold by Ron Vaughn

5.3.7. GIS-USGS

5.3.8. GIS-FRA

5.3.9. Census – Submit Topics First of September?

5.3.10. Federal Land Roads WG Update

5.3.11. OST – Data integration for roadway safety

OST Policy created an integrated dataset to develop a risk tool, NHTSA is working with FHWA to align FARS to HPMS to perform network risk analysis (via ESRI), and FHWA more generally is encourages Data Driven Safety Analysis through integrated crash, roadway attribute, and traffic volume data.

5.3.12. Maritime Admin?

5.3.13. Fed Motor Carrier?

5.3.14. Fed Transit?

5.3.15. Fed Lands Working Group?

5.4. Federal Land Roads (FLR) Working Group Update – David Cackowski

Gita – Meeting Next week on 8th of August at 1300

Email burbanma@usgs.gov (Gita) to be added to the list

Brian Diethorn to Moderate

Lisa Johnson FLWG – Presentation on Protected Areas Database US

5.5. Intercity Busing (ICB) Working Group Update – Derald Dudley

The ICB WG is working to establish a Intercity Busing layer which will be integrated with the Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database and the National Transit Map.

Drafted and MOU to facilitate partnerships between USDOT and Intercity Bus Service Providers.  The MOU grants BTS a license to pull and publish their General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data at least once a year but not more than 4 times a year.


We’ve drafted a registration form and are working on completing the ICB website.

https://cms.bts.dot.gov/content/national-intercity-bus-atlas-partnerships (May not be viewable from outside DOT)

The site will go live in October when I present it at the Rural and Intercity Bus Transportation conference in Boulder, CO.

5.6. Transit Working Group

No movement here.  First step is to write the Mission Statement and define the groups scope.

5.7. The Best Practices Working Group is still on my wish list. Would anyone like to chair it?

Best practices in calculating populations with in transportation catchments

Population in Catchments around transportation features – (USDOT)

Best practices of calculating populations affected by regional phenomena (Census)

Any other best practices activities? What other analysis do others perform with transportation data? (eg Transportation and Population, Land Use, Economy?)

5.8. Potential TSC Talks.

5.8.1. Shared Streets Introduction, James Graham – D.C. DOT?

Derald To reach out…

5.8.2. Intro to USDOT GTFS activities (National Transit Map, Intercity Busing Atlas, Intermodal Passenger Connectivity)

5.8.3. Other Fed agencies

5.8.4. OGC FGDC Disaster Workshop presentation by Brian Solis – Trans and transit planning manager, City of VA Beach – Storm Sense – Mapping real time flooding


6. New TSC Business


7. Upcoming Events,  Milestones and Announcements

USRNS Meeting tomorrow @ 1400  Same URL and phone line.

Federal Lands WG – 8th of August at 1300

9/20-21 National Imagery Summit @ USGS in Reston

October 1 – 5 NISGIC, Address Subcommittee

TSC Calendar: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15kMwjbUJzoAxdZ_Ha7XmPXYqjLNVwfAAgzbsAcPfU9E/edit?usp=sharing


8. Mission Reminder

8. 1. Enhancing the transportation theme of the national spatial data infrastructure

8. 2. Facilitate partnerships, coordinate efforts, and heighten awareness among the geospatial transportation community

8. 3. Develop data standards

8. 4. Ease data access

8. 5. Develop better data

8. 6. Promote best practices

8. 7. Identify, evaluate, and resolve geospatial transportation data problems

8. 8. Cultivate a greater understanding of the American transportation system.


9. Thank You! And don’t forget to tip your server.


Updated on June 25, 2020
NGDA Theme Name

Community Type: NGDA

Sponsor: FGDC

Sponsor Email: NGDATeam@fgdc.gov

Theme Lead Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Theme Lead: Derald Dudley (DOT)