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ID** Name***************** Organization******* Email
1 Derald “The Duke” Dudley USDOT/BTS
2 Ronald Vaughn DOT/FHWA
3 Steve Lewis USDOT
4 Dom Menegus USDOT/BTS
5 Rich Grady AppGeo
6 Terry Martin Critigen
7 Ryan Rittenhouse FL DOT


  1. Welcome
  2.  Updates
    1. GIS-T Federal Track Feedback
      1. Non Road Presentations
      2. Geospatial Legislation
      3. Geoplatform
      4. Open Source Apps
      5. Waterway network
      6. Rail
      7. Air
      8. Freight (FAF?)
      9. Commodity Flow Survey
      10. Passenger Travel
        1. Transit
        2. Intercity Bus
        3. Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database
      11. etc…
    2. Possible 2020 Workshops
      1. Emergency planning/Disaster Response
        1. Sarmiento to add questions to the GIS-T survey
      2. US Road Specification
        1. Work zone data
        2. Road Event standards
      3. Transportation National Geospatial Data Asset Needs Assessment
      4. FGDC Workshop( GeoPlatform /  FGDC Tools / Metadata)
      5. Bridges Session
    3. We’re getting FGDC help!
    4. GDA
      1. FGDC Established 4 Working Groups to analyse the GDA and make recommendations to the FGDC and OMB
    5. Transportation Subcommittee Updates
      1. US Road Specification Working Group
      2. Federal Land Roads Working Group
      3. Intercity Bus Initiative Working Group
      4. National Trails Working Group
      5. Gita Urban-Mathieux, Greg Mathews at USGS

Establishing National Trails WG to connect the National Trails System staff and partners. One of our goals is to facilitate the sharing of information and tools that help us do our jobs more efficiently and innovatively. Because the national trails system is managed as a collaboration of agencies and partner organizations, the NTS GIS Network is open to anyone.

  1. Other (Potential) initiatives / Topics
    1. Work Zone Data / Road Feeds
    2. State DOT Coordination Working Group
    3. Disaster Mapping Working Group
    4. Air – ICAO route data
  1. Quarterly Meeting Presentations
    1. Agency Specific Missions
    2. Desired Presenters
    3. On Deck
      1. USGS Map Corps
      2. Work Zone Data Initiative
      3. Shared Streets
  1. Meetings / Events Calendar
Jan Feb March
1/17: USRS WG Mtg. @ TRB (Washington, DC) – POSTPONED


1/25: National Intercity Bus Atlas WG Mtg.

 2/6: TSC Qtly. Mtg. via Web Conference

2/12 FGDC Coordination Group Mtg.

2/12 FGDC Theme Meeting

2/27 GDA Tiger Team Meeting

2/27: Federal Lands Roads WG Mtg. via Web Conference

3/22: Intercity Bus WG Mtg. via Web Conference
April May June
Week of 4/22: TSC Special Interest Group Mtg. @ GIS-T Symposium (Kissimmee, FL) – TBD 5/16: TSC Qtly. Mtg. @ Web/USDOT


5/21: Intercity Bus WG Mtg. via Web Conference

July August September
7/23: Intercity Bus WG Mtg. via Web Conference Date TBD: TSC Qtly. Mtg. @ Location TBD 9/24: Intercity Bus WG Mtg. via Web Conference
October November December
Date TBD: TSC Qtly. Mtg. @ Location TBD

11/26: Intercity Bus WG Mtg. via Web Conference

  1. Other Topics
    1. Pick a mode yearly and fill the gaps
    2. DOT Data Dictionary – Common language needed
    3. Bridges
  1. Adjourn


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