The United States Road Specification (USRS) Working Group (WG) is detailing an explicit, comprehensive, and consistent definition of the features, attributes, and relationships needed to model road data in the United States.  The specification will ease the collection, integration, publication, and use, of U.S. road data by identifying an accurate and concise vocabulary, designing necessary data model(s), and establishing data quality benchmarks.

Next Meeting of the United States Road Specification Working Group
Our next meeting is on June 27th, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET.
Meeting access is available via a webinar and audio access is possible by calling (515) 606-5187, 286074#. Please contact to be added to the invitation.

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The working group, launched in April of 2017, is comprised of Federal, State, Local, and Private organizations.  Since its inception, the WG has defined requirements the specification should meet, cataloged attributes necessary to fulfill a number of use cases specific to U.S. road management, and considered conceptual, and existing, road models.  In the following months, the WG will draw from I.S.O. Standard 14825, Intelligent Transport Systems – Geographic Data Files, to define a base specification, which will model location, identification, and function.  As the model matures, and needs are prioritized, the base model will be extended to accommodate other missions such as networking and linear referencing.  The WG will also address the pressing need to build consensus among the greater geospatial-transportation community in the coming months.  Its support is integral to the specifications success.

Updated on June 27, 2019