Engages federal stakeholders who share a common interest in trails and supports the National Digital Trails (NDT) Network project that seeks to aggregate and harmonize trails data into a continuous and nationally consistent dataset and is openly shared and available for multiple uses.

First meeting is TBD.

NDT-WG Areas for Interest

  1. Trails Decision Support Tool. Provide technical and strategic guidance on the development of this tool.
  2. Data Aggregation. Develop a vision and eventually a product that better aggregates trails data from multiple agencies. Goals may include:
      • – Adopting a common schema where core attributes are the same or very similar across agency.
      • – Striving toward using service endpoints for data sharing/distribution.
      • – Establishing agreed upon snap points on agencies boundaries where trail jurisdiction changes. Business rules would state who is responsible for what.


  3. Crowdsourcing. Work with partners to establish a mobile friendly application that will allow trails stewards, including employees of land management agencies as well as members of the public to maintain trails information.

Meeting Minutes and Presentations (coming soon)

National Digital Trails Working Group was formed in April 2019 and is under the FGDC Transporation Subcommittee. All who are willing to assist inĀ supporting the NDT-WG’s areas of interest are invited to join. Send an email to GDMatthews@usgs.gov.

Point of Contact:
Greg Matthews
National Geospatial Program
U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046, MS 510, Denver, CO 80225-0046
mail: GDMatthews@usgs.gov

Updated on July 11, 2019
NGDA Theme Name

Community Type: NGDA

Sponsor: FGDC

Sponsor Email: NGDATeam@fgdc.gov

Theme Lead Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

Theme Lead: Derald Dudley (DOT)