The ICB WG is leveraging the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) to publish a national intercity bus service dataset. The data supports transportation decision-making by Federal, State, Local and Tribal governments; metropolitan planning organizations; transportation related associations; the private sector, including the freight community; and the public. It is collected, compiled, analyzed, and published as part of a comprehensive set of statistics, which informs the nation about the performance and impact of the national transportation system. With this dataset the transportation community will study the extent, density, frequency, and accessibility of the nation’s intercity bus services and better understand how the nation’s intercity bus service connects and enriches the nation’s transportation system.

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2019 Meeting Schedule

  • 23 July at 1:30 PM Eastern: Web Conference, Audio: (515) 606-5187, 286074#
  • 24 September at 1:30 PM Eastern
  • 26 November at 1:30 PM Eastern
  • 28 January at 1:30 PM Eastern
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ICB Working Group Goals

  • Establish the sustained collection of scheduled intercity bus (ICB) service data.
  • Study the accessibility, connectivity, density, and frequency of ICB services.
  • Improve access to and connectivity between all modes of passenger travel.
  • Establish an archive of ICB data for trend analysis.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of publishing General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data to the Intercity Bus Industry.
  • Encourage and aide the publication GTFS data.
  • Demonstrate how intercity bus services enrich the lives of its customers.

Updated on June 5, 2019
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