Review Process and Participation
Resources and Documents
  • Purpose of the Federal Trail GIS Schema
  • Federal Trail GIS Schema for download (link when finalized)
  • Federal Trail GIS Schema Implementation Document (link when finalized)
  • Fields and domains spreadsheet (link when finalized)
  • Meeting Notes (link when finalized)
  • Federal Trail GIS Schema Change Log (link when finalized)

The Federal Trail GIS Schema Working Group, launched in June of 2018, is comprised of federal agency subject matter experts who manage trail data within their jurisdictions, National Historic and National Scenic Trail representatives who manage trail data between multiple federal, state, and private jurisdictions, and GIS standard creation experts.

The Working Group has developed a geospatial template that provides a standardized framework for storing trail spatial data. The template can be utilized by all agencies and partners to establish a unifying and common trail GIS data structure. The Federal Trail GIS Schema is meant to be applied to trails of all kinds, including National Scenic Trails (NST) and National Historic Trails (NHT). Using the Federal Trail Data Standard (2011) as the foundation, the Federal Trail GIS Schema will allow for national aggregation of publicly facing trail data from multiple agencies and partners into a common schema GIS database.

The Federal Trail GIS Schema will make it achievable to have better GIS coordination and collaboration between agencies and partners for various trail projects, efficient sharing of authoritative trail data with the public, and better GIS decision making support for trails.

Updated on February 12, 2021
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