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2017 Lifecycle Maturity Assessment Overview


The 2017 NGDA Lifecycle Maturity Assessment is closed as of August 31, 2017

What’s New in 2017

Based on the analysis of the 2015 baseline Lifecycle Maturity Assessment, the 2017 NGDA LMA reflects many of the changes identified that will streamline the process and make it easier to input responses.

    • The original 19 questions and feedback questions have remained with improved clarifying statements and updated references. While the 2015 responses are not included in the assessment itself because of several changes to the response options, you can access them through the NGDA Dataset list on the FGDC website and use the report as a basis for responding to the 2017 NGDA LMA.
    • The 2017 assessment includes justification questions with pick list responses developed from the 2015 baseline LMA responses rather than requiring detailed justification text.
    • Links to supporting documents are no longer required. . If a best practice document is available through a public link, this can be shared through the NGDA Collaboration Community.
    • The assessment responses are uniform for each question to ensure coverage of the maturity matrix categories. The first response being “no activity” (rank of 0) and each successive response increasing in maturity with the final response being fully implemented with reoccurring assessments (rank of 5).


For any questions or concerns please contact the Lifecycle Maturity Assessment Help Desk (NGDA_LMA_help@fgdc.gov).


Updated on February 27, 2020