Tribal Boundaries Workgroup

The Tribal Boundaries Workgroup is a subgroup of the National Boundaries Group (NBG). It is made up members from federal agencies, private industry, tribal organizations, and federally recognized tribes. Most members are in a field related to geography but anyone is welcome to join.


The Tribal Boundaries Workgroup formed because members of the NBG had significant interest in sharing information about tribal boundaries. In 2015, several NBG meetings focused on tribal boundary topics and in December 2015, the Tribal Boundaries Workgroup had its first meeting.


This group is still working on a charter but agreed on preliminary goals:

    1. Discuss and list tribal boundary needs from agencies that use tribal boundaries
    2. Discuss and document definitions for types of tribal lands and boundaries
    3. Discuss and document who is responsible for the authoritative dataset, what is the authoritative dataset, what constitutes an authoritative dataset, and what defines or is needed to be an authoritative dataset
    4. Discuss and list ways that agencies can collaborate, reduce duplication and share tribal boundary information
    5. Create a public resource for education about tribal boundaries as a resource for agencies writing legislation or creating programs



Lee Pera, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Call-in meeting schedule is under development.

Contact the chair for the call-in information









Updated on August 22, 2019