Governmental Units, and Administrative and Statistical Boundaries Theme Definition: Boundaries that delineate geographic areas for uses such as governance and the general provision of services (e.g., States, American Indian reservations, counties, cities, towns, etc.), administration and/or for a specific purpose (e.g., Congressional Districts, school districts, fire districts, Alaska Native Regional Corporations, etc.), and/or provision of statistical data (census tracts, census blocks, metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, etc.). Boundaries for these various types of geographic areas are either defined through a documented legal description or through criteria and guidelines. Other boundaries may include international limits, those of federal land ownership, the extent of administrative regions for various federal agencies, as well as the jurisdictional offshore limits of U.S. sovereignty. Boundaries associated solely with natural resources and/or cultural entities are excluded from this theme and are included in the appropriate subject themes.

Updated on January 14, 2020
Governmental Units, and Administrative and Statistical Boundaries Theme

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