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Geospatial professionals from land management (USFS, BLM, NPS, FWS, BOEM, BIA, USBR, NRCS and DoD) and other federal stakeholders (USGS, Census Bureau, National Wildland Fire Coordinating Group) working to integrate land ownership and management boundaries to fulfill common agency needs.

Formed in October 2011, the FGDC Federal Lands Workgroup (FLWG) is a subgroup of the National Boundaries Group (NBG), focused on the development and annual publication of aggregated federal lands and waters in the USGS Protected Areas Database of the U.S. (PAD-US).

PAD-US is the official National Geospatial Data Asset for U.S. parks and other protected areas data, developed by the USGS in collaboration with the FGDC Federal Lands Working Group and the FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee. PAD-US is the best available U.S. aggregation of federal land ownership, easement interest, and management designations, as well as of state, local, and nonprofit protected areas data. PAD-US is an appropriate source to inform questions related to more than one agency. Individual agencies are always the authoritative source of information about their land holdings.


  • Automate the translation of authoritative source data into the PAD-US format.
  • Contribute to annual PAD-US updates, published by USGS.
  • Assess and improve inventory completeness.
  • Assess and improve the compatibility of core attributes between agency datasets.
  • Identify and correct major boundary overlaps between agency datasets to produce a fee ownership layer.
  • Improve the representation of federal lands on commonly used base maps.
  • Implement persistent ID system for links to other databases.


  • New data – federal areas update completed for PAD-US 2.1!
  • Automated updates – USFS, NPS and FWS automated the translation of agency data into PAD-US format.
  • USGS PAD-US web services are available for your application and to explore in the PAD-US Viewer.
  • Web Services (vector tile, feature services, and webmaps) developed by Esri are also available.
  • Developed a tool to harness review comments regarding fed lands data (for FLWG use only).
  • Documented source data translation into PAD-US schema and needs to increase efficiency
  • Significantly reduced boundary overlaps between agency datasets, identified new priorities in the PAD-US 2.1 Topology Assessment.
  • Improved PAD-US “Agency Name” domain standard in cooperation with BLM and USGS Board of Geographic Names.
  • Maintained regular calls and primary contacts from each federal land management agency.
  • Estimated federal lands inventory completeness and agency reports (click on agency in table).

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Upcoming Webinar meetings:

  • Wed, Jan 12th (3-4 EDT)

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FLWG Info and Contacts


Basemap Guidance


State of PAD-US Data


PAD-US Action Plan http://www.protectedlands.net


Products and Presentations:

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PAD-US DOI Seminar – July 9, 2018

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