Sharing Proposed 3DEP Areas of Interest

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The USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) manages the 3D elevation program (3DEP), a program designed to acquire nationwide lidar for the lower 48, Hawaii and the US Territories, and Ifsar data over Alaska. The NGP works with Federal, State, Tribal, and local agencies to set priorities and establish the annual acquisition plans. Beginning in 2015 the USGS offered partnership funding for lidar acquisition projects through the USGS Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), for 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), a competitive solicitation for partnerships to acquire lidar data. Since the first BAA in FY15, the USGS has supported over 140 projects resulting in more than 650,000 square miles of new data. Details of the FY18 and earlier BAA projects can be found on the 3DEP Web Pages:

The USGS anticipates funding another round of projects in FY20. The Federal agencies that partner on the 3DEP have compiled their priorities for lidar acquisition and published them on an interactive online map. Overlap with these Federal priorities will be one of the key evaluation criteria. Interested parties are encouraged to share their potential projects through this system in order to assist in finding additional partners for projects.


1. Submit your project through The 3DEP BAAPublic Areas of Interest Project Collector Tool. Provide basic information about you and the geographic extent of the area(s) of interest. It will usually take three business days for your project to appear online. Basic Tutorial on how to use the Collector Tool is available here.

2. View Federal agency, and other stakeholder Areas of Interest. The draft Federal areas of interest for the next BAA cycle and public areas of interest are available at the NOAA sponsored Seasketch site: U.S. Federal Mapping Coordination, A Collaboration Site for Federal and Partner Mapping Data Acquisition. All Federal agency and stakeholder areas of interest will be made available for viewing through this site to enable comparison and facilitate discussion with other 3DEP stakeholders. Basic tutorials on how to use the SeaSketch system are available.

3. Find or Request 3DEP and BAA Presentations in Your State. USGS will host a national webinar in August. For opportunities in your state to learn more about 3DEP contact your National Map Liaison to receive information about 3DEP/BAA presentations or to request a presentation.

4. Consider submitting an application to the BAA Process. Following the public meetings, Federal agencies will finalize their priorities and USGS will publish the announcement for the BAA.


Updated on August 12, 2019