GeoPlatform Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud computing is designed to treat IT as a scalable service rather than an institutionalized infrastructure. Scalable services have the ability to dynamically increase or decrease capacity to match user demands, leverage shared technologies and hardware, and ultimately realize economies of scale.

The objective of a cloud infrastructure for the GeoPlatform is to reduce costs while improving efficiency for geospatial information sharing. A cloud infrastructure allows multiple agencies and partners to leverage shared services.

Geospatial data developed by the government have broad use across a wide, interdisciplinary range of missions and needs. To be effective the GeoPlatform needs to recognize different needs and capabilities between customer segments, in particular, how data, services, and applications are to be used. For many customers, simple view-only capabilities may be required, in other cases, download of very large datasets and access to high level computing power may be required. Hosted cloud services are an efficient way to provide a high level of service to GeoPlatform customers.

The goals of the GeoPlatform are to develop a cloud infrastructure that:

  • Is robust and reliable to host and deliver common data, services and applications
  • Provides GIS capability for agencies that need geospatial tools but do not have access to them
  • Maximizes the value of cloud computing. The cloud computing model is a major component of the Federal Government‘s effort to achieve efficient and effective IT. The FGDC is currently working with the Federal CIO Council to develop guidance for the implementation of cloud computing
  • Supports GIS capability for offices that have integrated tools in a collaborative inter-agency mission


Is my project within scope for the GeoPlatform Cloud Hosting environment?

The GeoPlatform Cloud Hosting Offering is available for all FGDC partners at Federal, State and Local Government levels. It allows for hosting of geospatial applications, databases, data storage and web services. The offering includes FedRAMP services in Amazon (AWS) public sector and GovCloud-based cloud environment. FISMA moderate compliant managed software stacks are available in both ESRI and OpenGeo.

If one or more of the following criteria fits your cloud project, then it’s likely in scope of Geospatial Services:

  • Uses either ESRI or Open Source Geospatial software such as GeoServer
  • Your project is primarily driven with a mapping front end
  • Your project consumes or produces web mapping services through services such as WMS, WFS, WPS, WMTS, Esri REST, NetCDF, OPeNDAP
  • Your project stores geospatial file formats such as shapefiles, geodatabases, KML, GeoTIFF. Click here for additional formats.
  • Your project requires significant geoprocessing or geospatial image analysis
  • Your project performs analysis program/application requires ENVI Server or ERDAS Imagine Server
  • Your project is built within or on of of GeoPlatform.gov, or needs to use the GeoPlatform host domain
Updated on February 7, 2018