Dams Sector
Department of Homeland Security

The Dams Sector is composed of assets that include dam projects, hydropower generation facilities, navigation locks, levees, dikes, hurricane barriers, mine tailings, other industrial waste impoundments, and other similar water retention and water control facilities. With over 87,000 dams in the US, the Dam Sector plays a large role in the nation’s infrastructure by generating hydroelectric power, providing flood prevention, and other economic and environmental benefits. The Dams Sector-Specific Plan details how the National Infrastructure Protection Plan risk management framework is implemented.

Mission Support

The Dams Sector contains a combination of government and private-sector owned assets. During incidents, the sector interacts directly with the owners of the dams to coordinate resources and public protection. Support for geospatial requirements is coordinated through the NICC by the SSA. In addition, the owners/operators utilize their internal geospatial resources, providing relevant products to the SSA and their partners.


With the Dam Sector assets being owned and operated by different entities, their internal resources vary as do the geospatial resources available. Government owners are typically generating products available to the SSA leads as well as their own EOC facilities. Owners with smaller capacities work directly with the SSAs to meet their geospatial requirements.

Case Study


The Dams Sector is reliant upon HIFLD data. Refer to the “Water Supply” subcategory in the HIFLD data catalog at: https://gii.dhs.gov/hifld/content/hifld-data-catalog..

For additional information about the Dams Sector data, contact dams@hq.dhs.gov.

* To request HIFLD data, please contact the HIFLD helpdesk at HIFLD@hq.dhs.gov.

Updated on March 31, 2020