Chemical Sector

Department of Homeland Security

The Chemical Sector includes basic, specialty, and agricultural chemicals as well as pharmaceuticals and consumer products. The majority of the sector facilities are privately owned. The Chemical Sector-Specific Plan details how the National Infrastructure Protection Plan’s risk management framework is implemented within the sector’s unique characteristics and risk landscape.

Mission Support

The Chemical Sector works in close collaboration with its stakeholders and related organizations during incidents. Support for geospatial requirements is coordinated through the NICC by the SSA. In addition, much of the industry operates with its own internal geospatial resources, providing relevant products to the SSA and their partners.


With the Chemical Sector resources being owned and operated by the private sector, there are minimal geospatial products and data produced and available through the SSA. In most situations, the industries manage their efforts internally, providing internal reports and data to the SSA lead.

Case Study


The Chemical Sector is reliant upon HSIP data. Refer to the “Chemicals” data sub-category in Appendix B.

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Updated on September 1, 2018