This post shares applications, maps, data and/or publications that support infrastructure restoration in the aftermath of a disaster. Restoration scenarios might include, but are not limited to system resilience, economic cost models, environmental damage, system interdependency, and their integration into models, tools, datasets and maps.


Supply Chain Infrastructure Restoration Calculator Software Tool

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Data & Sources

Transportation data requirements for modeling supply chain interdependent critical infrastructures (SCICI) in an urban environment like St. Louis, Missouri.

Elevation digital elevation models (DEM) integrated with road networks for the central United States (Ramachandran et al., 2015):

Access and Use Information

  • Public: This software is intended for public access and use

Contributing Authors

Ojha, A., Kanwar, B., Gude, V., Corns, S., Long, S., and Shoberg, T.


Suzanna Long (Email:


We gratefully acknowledge the encouragement and support of Julia Fields, National Geospatial Program Deputy Director (retired), US Geological Survey and Dr. Lynn Usery, Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science Director, US Geological Survey throughout the project. Further, we wish to acknowledge partial funding for this research through US Geological Survey award number G13AC00028, as well as funding from the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department, Missouri University of Science and Technology.


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Software Reference

Gude, V., Ojha, A., Kanwar, B., Corns, S., Shoberg, T., and Long, S., 2018, Supply Chain Infrastructure Restoration Calculator (SCIRC) tool.


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Updated on October 10, 2019