Sept 7, 2019

Imagery Services and Helpful Links

Any Data sources listed here will also be included in the Updated Data Source documents sent to Remote Sensing and GIS Data for Disaster Community subscribers.

The following links to third party sites are provided for your reference to support disaster response for Dorian. This in no way shows any endorsement of non-government websites, companies, or applications.

[NEW] USGS Public – Dorian Event Support Map:

Hurricane Incident Journal

Disasters Public Data

Walmart Store Status

Rest Service:

Joint SAR Activity Map Series – Hurricane Dorian

National Hurricane Center (NHC) GIS Data

*Now has Probabilistic Storm Surge (p-surge)

USACE Hurricane Dorian Inundation Web Map

Hurricane Dorian (FL) Incident Journal

Region IV Hurricane Map Journal Dorian

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)/Geospatial Intelligence Center (GIC) post-incident imagery

GIC maintains readiness to deploy 8-10 manned aircraft for post-impact high-resolution aerial photos as needed, whether there are impacts in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina for other states. Any imagery collected will be made available to emergency managers and first responders via secured map services. For more information, please see

Data Use Guidelines: This imagery is for access and use by GIC Members and credentialed public safety stakeholders. For those members and stakeholders, this imagery may be used with any online mapping website and/or enterprise GIS provided secured to that member or stakeholder organization. Members or stakeholders may use this imagery with printed and/or digital maps shared with customers and/or the public. Please credit the source of the imagery to “NICB/GIC”. This imagery is not to be available to the public via unsecured online mapping websites.

Pacific Disaster Center DisaserAWARE application: Dorian

2019 Hurricane GIS & Situational Awareness Resources (NAPSG)

NHC “blended Surge” products for FL:

NHC Description:

Attached is a .zip file with a GeoTIFF of a set of SLOSH MEOW inundation grids merged into one file. The set includes 2 SLOSH grids merged (blended) using the following MEOW scenarios cat 4 moving towards wnw/w/nw at (jx3 5 and 15 mph, sf1 at 5 and 10 mph). The data is in 1 foot bins similar to the HVX.

Hurricane Dorian PR Incident Journal:

NASA Products for Hurricane Dorian 2019:

Census demographic and economic data on Puerto Rico by municipio and Florida by county

FEMA Crowdsourcing Unit Map Journal

FEMA Crowdsourced Photo Storymap

US Disaster’s Community in GeoNet

NOAA now has GOES tile services that update every 10 minutes:



rest service: HHS_emPOWER_REST_Service_Public

VIIRS flood water fraction updates will be posted here:



Updated on November 5, 2019