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The Remote Sensing and GIS Data for Disaster Community (RSGDC) Data Updates

The Remote Sensing and GIS Data for Disaster Community (RSGDC) collects geospatial data for dissemination during disasters. This collection of data is collected into a report and sent out on a routine basis during and after a disaster. Sign up to get these reports sent as an email. Reports are also compiled and archived in the respective incident page on disasters.geoplatform.gov.

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Geospatial Coordination calls During Disasters

The FEMA Geospatial Response Office at HQ will host a daily Geospatial Coordination Call during a disaster. The purpose of this call is to collect and disseminate geospatial data and applications and provide communication and support for regional, state, local, tribal, and interagency partners. Sign up to get notifications of when the calls are occurring, how to access content, and where to find notes from previous calls.

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Remote Sensing Coordination Calls During Disasters

In connection with the Geospatial Coordination Calls (see above), FEMA may elect to host a coordination call during incidents specific to Remote Sensing. These calls focus on tasking of collection of imagery and tools and application for extracting useful information from remotely senses imagery.

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Modeling & Data Working Group (MDWG)

The Modeling and Data Working Group (MDWG) is an interagency working group appointed by the Emergency Support Function Leaders Group (ESFLG) to assess the current state of modeling systems and identify consistent, reliable, and authoritative models and datasets to enable response planning and operational decision making for catastrophic events. They hold monthly meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month) aligned with the 7 FEMA Lifelines, the Shaken Fury National Level Exercise, and Disaster Response themes. Subscribe to get information about their meetings and any information they share out.

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Updates During Disasters for FEMA

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FEMA Disasters Data is available to support coordination between citizens, businesses, and government. Please let us know if you have any problems, questions, or require help finding data. We are constantly striving to improve the process of making our data and tools accessible to the public.

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Updated on February 14, 2017