Hurricane Irma – Disasters

Hurricane Incident Journal

Summary FEMA’s Hurricane Incident Journal provides relevant spatial decision-making support for FEMA leadership and a view into federal information available to the general public.

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Flood Detection % Maps – Hurricane Irma

Summary This spatio-temporal composite flood extent product was produced using 16 flood extents derived from SAR and Multispectral imagery acquired over the course of 8 days (Sept 10th – September 17th, 2017) by NASA MSFC SPoRT, Copernicus EMS, MDA Systems and ARIA NASA JPL/Caltech throughout Hurricane Irma using a wide range of sensors and sensor types as well…

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Forecasted Flood Depth Grids – Hurricane Irma

Summary Forecasted flood depth grids were generated for Hurricane Irma using the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) forecasted water levels. These depth grids allowed for pre-event planning and early estimated hazard exposure counts.

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