FEMA Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Uploaded Image Browser

This tool will allow you to browse the images uploaded by Civil Air Patrol and other partners.

Map Description

Up to 24 thumbnails will be displayed in the table at the right based on the image points within the current extent. If there are more than 24 images the page next and previous buttons at the top will be enabled and will cycle through pages of up to 24 images. The points on the map highlighted with a purple ring represent the thumbnails on the current page. Hovering over a thumbnail on the right will highlight the associated point on the map in red. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full resolution image.

Clicking on the “Sort by Nearest” link under a thumbnail will re-sort all of the images based on their distance from the point associated with the thumbnail. The thumbnails will then be re-sorted and start over on page one.

Updated on October 10, 2019