March 27, 2019

Imagery Services and Helpful Links:

Any public-facing Data sources listed here will also be included in the Updated Data Source documents sent to Remote Sensing and GIS Data for Disaster Community subscribers.

FEMA Region 7 Map Journal


FEMA HQ Flood Journal 

[NEW] MDA, VIIRS, and PNNL Flood Extents for Midwest Flooding March 2019


[NEW] PNNL Missouri River Flood Web Map



[NEW] Iowa HUC 8 Watersheds


[NEW] Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics (MRLC) National Land Cover Database (NLCD) WMS

Map Viewer:


 [NEW] NOAA Snow Analysis


path: NWS_Observations/NOHRSC_Snow_Analysis


Region 8 South Dakota Risk MAP FEMA Region VIII South Dakota Emergency

Big Sioux River Flood Information System

South Dakota State GIS

NE Floodplain Map

Iowa GIS Map Viewer

Missouri GIS Map Applications

Kansas GIS

USDA Map Viewer



CAP Imagery (Hosted by FEMA)



Nebraska County Damage Impact Assessments

NEMA Flood Dashboard

Iowa Dashboard

NASA Disasters Sites

General mapping portal:

Midwest Flooding Data Group:

Mapping App:

Douglas County Damage Assessment Dashboard


USGS HDDS Explorer –

USGS Collection Management Tool –


ESRI Before and During Swipe map using Sentinel-2 Data

tiled service for the post event imagery in NE

NEMA Newsroom


County Emergency Declaration

City Emergency Declaration

Tribal Declaration

American Red Cross

VIIRS Floodwater Fraction web app

NE 511 Map viewer


NASA Earth Science Disasters Program

FEMA Region 6 Flood Journal


  • Pages 4 and 5 have the impacts at the major flood gages from the NWS website (as well the impacts are listed in the attached SOPT report)
  • Pages 6 and 7 have the exposure for the areas of interest of the Morganza and Bonnet Carre Spillways


 California Flooding Crowdsourced photo map from NAPSG


Updated on October 10, 2019